The List

For the last months, we've been baking our own bread and since then, naturally, we didn't have to buy any bread. I cannot say that we have managed to produce the perfect loaf already, but by the gods, we will! That got me thinking - if we can bake our own bread, we could basically start producing everything ourselves. I admit, I might be overreaching, but why shouldn't we try? So, we've opened our fridge and our cupboards and started writing down what we eat and use in the prospect of producing everything ourselves from raw ingredients. And so, without further ado, I give you The List:

Some of the things listed above, we have already made; Some are simply impossible right now, since we live in a flat in the city. One of my interests with the list, besides been able to do everything that is written down, is to check, economically, what saves money and what doesn't. So, I will start measuring quantities of every raw ingredient used for the making of something and compare it to buying the product in the shop.

Subsidized Israeli bread

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